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Dr. Alexandra Anisie, dr. Alexandra Baneu and Mădălina-Gabriela Pantea participated to provide material to this page.

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Since 12 September 2021, Niccolò Bonetti is in charge to update this webside. 

He is a PhD student at the University of Trieste (Storia delle Società, delle Istituzioni e del Pensiero. Dal Medioevo all'Età Contemporanea), under supervision of professor Andrea Tabarroni.

His PhD title:  "John Baconthorpe: un pensatore indipendente fra teologia e aristotelismo averroista negli anni '20 del XIV secolo".

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Site launched in November 2016

23 November, 2016: Alexandra Anisie, Mădălina-Gabriela Pantea: The electronic edition of Johannes de Baconthorpe's Sentences commentary, held at the Third Annual THESIS meeting for Reading Medieval Manuscripts, Coral Bay, Cyprus, 20-25 November, 2016.