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                  Monica Brinzei

                  William Duba

                  Claire Angotti

Studia Sententiarum (SSENT) publishes texts and studies related to the work and thought of medieval scholars in faculties of theology. Taking as its cue the lectures on Peter Lombard's Four books of the Sentences, the course in systematic theology and philosophy required of every scholar who sought to become Master of Theology, SSENT aims to make a concrete contribution to scholarship by focusing on the unedited, unpublished, and untold stories of the medieval universities.

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Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl and the Sentences at Vienna in the Early XVth century, Brepols 2015, 489 p.

Prise FIF 2015 from University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj, Romania

Reviews:   G.R. Evans, in: The Journal of Theological Studies, Oxford 1 (67) 2016 ; J.-P. Rothschild, in : BAMAT 26 (2016), pp. 470-473. I. Curut, in Chora. Revue d'études anciennes et médiévales 13 (2015), pp. 310-314; Thorsten Schlauwitz, dans Francia-Recensio 2017-2, 2p ; Ph. Rosemann, dans Speculum 93/1 (2017) p. 181-183.


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Fourth Annual THESIS Meeting for Reading Medieval Manuscripts, Cape Greco, Cyprus, 23-30 october 2017 [program]

-THESIS will held 2 sessions at  XIV International Congress of the SIEPM: Homo-Natura-Mundus: Human Beings and their Relationships, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 24-28 July 2017

-During the XIV International Congress of the SIEPM: THESIS will launch the new publication of the collection Studia Sententiarum :

-ERC accepted the request of an extension of 10 months for THESIS project

Third Annual THESIS Meeting for Reading Medieval Manuscripts, Coral Bay 19-26 November 2016

Linked Data and the Medieval Scholastic Tradition

International Workshop, Basel, August 17-19, 2016

See program: Linked Data and the Medieval Scholastic Tradition

THESIS project participated to the International Conference Habit in Medieval Philosophy, Paris, October 14-16, 2015 

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Les principia sur les commentaire des Sentences : entre exercice institutionnel et réalité intellectuelle

23, 24 mars 2015; IRHT : Centre Félix-Grat


Organized by: Monica Brinzei (ERC-IRHT, Paris)

William O. Duba (Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen)

The most substantial requirement to become a master of theology at the medieval university was to have lectured on the Sentences of Peter Lombard. This course included inaugural lectures -- principia -- at the beginning of each of the four books. Yet these principia remain largely unknown. The goal of this workshop is to establish the scholarly understanding of principia, and through it, to better grasp the organization of medieval theological teaching through case studies. By clarifying the circumstances and content of this obligatory step in the careers of the sententiarii, this workshop intends to achieve a picture of the key characteristics of this exercise, the structure and style of principia, the principal actors and authors, and the doctrinal problems discussed in these debates and sermons, as well the relationship between an author's principia and his Sentences  commentary.

 Principia ou les leçons inaugurales qui précèdent la lecture des Sentences à la Faculté de Théologie demeurent encore un témoin inconnu de cette pratique universitaire. Le but de cet workshop est de mieux comprendre l'organisation de l'enseignement théologique médiéval à travers des études de cas des principia. L'intérêt est d'éclairer cette épreuve obligatoire imposée aux sententiarii en investiguant quelles sont les caractéristiques de cet exercice, quel est la structure et le style desprincipia, qui sont les acteurs principaux de ces débats universitaires et qui sont les auteurs qui nous ont laissé des principia, quelles sont les problèmes doctrinales abordés dans ces débats, quel est le rapport entre les principia et le commentaire desSentences d'un même auteur. 

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