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Theology, Education, School Institution and Scholars-network:
dialogues between the University of Paris and the
new Universities from Central Europe during the Late Middle Ages



ERC-THESIS Project team

Monica BRINZEI - Principal Investigator 

Research Interests: 

Professional Experience:

Since 2006 actively involved in different projects (Répertoire des Maîtres, BAMAT, Carnotensia, Glossaire du latin philosophique) of the Latin Section, CNRS-IRHT, Paris 

2004-2008 - PhD in Medieval Philosophy. Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris 

2003-2004 - Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (D.E.A) in History of Philosophy, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris      

2002-2003 - MA in Medieval Philosophy. Université Panthéon-Sorbonne-Paris I

1999-2002 - Licence in Medieval Philosophy at Babes-Bolyai University-Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Scientific Affiliations and Professional Membership

since 2014 director of the collection Studia Sententiarum, Brepols 

since 2014 member in the bord of the collection Biblioteca Medievala, Polirom (Romania)

since 2013 member in the bord of the revue The Catholic Philosophy (South Korea)

since 2013 elected membership of Young Academy of Europe (2013-2018)

since 2013 CNCS project IDEI PN-II-ID-PCE-2012-4-0272 (2013-2016)

since 2012 PI of the ERC-THESIS starting grant (2012-2017)

since 2010 chair of the Section 1360-1400 on the SIEPM-project on the New Stegmüller

since 2009 member of FIDEM (Fédération Internationale des Instituts d'Études Médiévales)

since 2006 honorary fellow of the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (Paris).

since 2004 member of SIEPM (Société Internationale pour l'Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale).


Primary Fellowships:

Heckerman Research Stipend (Minnesota: June-July 2012)

Fellowship from Boston College (Boston: October 2011)

SIEMP Stipend for the International Colloquium (Palermo: 2007, Nijmegen: 2009, Lodz: 2011)

FIDEM Stipend for the International Colloquium (Palermo: 2009)

Goethe Institute Bonn, Fellowships from Humboldt Foundation (Bonn: October 2010-February 2011)

Warburg Institut, London (London: May-July 2010)

University Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris: 2009-2011)

Fellowship from Madison University (Madison: November 2005)

Erasmus Fellowship in Paris (Paris: 2002-2003)

Summer School at The University of  Strasbourg (Strasbourg: September 2002)

University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca (1999-2002)



He has studied Christian Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck (Mag. phil. fac. Theol. 2011) and currently prepares a PhD thesis which will include a critical edition and doctrinal study of William de la Mare's Correctorium fratris Thomae. At the Innsbruck Digitisation and Digital Preservation group he collaborates in the transScriptorium project (EU FP7 no 600707)

His main contribution to THESIS is the edition of the Prologue of Angelus de Dobelin's Sentences Commentary.

Claire ANGOTTI - Université de Reims

She is ‘Maître de conférence’, teaching Medieval History (University of Reims), and is one of the few specialists from France on the tradition of Sentences commentaries. Her PhD will be published soon and it is intitled « Lectiones Sententiarum. Étude de manuscrits de la bibliothèque du collège de Sorbonne : la formation des étudiants en théologie à l’Université de Paris à partir des annotations et des commentaires sur le Livre des Sentences de Pierre Lombard (XIIIe-XVe siècles) ». She worked as an associated researcher in the ‘Département de manuscrits’ of the Bibliothéque Nationale de France, studying and getting familiarized with the collection of the Sentences’s manuscripts contained in this library. As a results of her pioneering research, she published online the ‘Catalogue des exemplaires du Livre des Sentences du fonds Sorbonne (BnF, Département des Manuscrits)’ (; with codicological descriptions of the Sentences’s manuscripts from the Library of Sorbonne. Selected bibliography:

- La lectio des Sentences au collège de Sorbonne, Brepols, Bibliologia, 600 pp. (forthcoming)

- « Présence d’un enseignement au sein du collège de Sorbonne : collationes, lectiones, disputationes (XIIIe- XVe siècle) ; bilan et hypothèses », in Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales, 18 (2009), pp. 89-111.

- « Les débuts du Livre des Sentences comme manuel de théologie à l’Université de Paris », in Université, Église, Culture : L’Université Catholique au Moyen-Âge » à la Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, les 11-14 mai 2005, Hurtubise P. (ed.), 2007, pp. 57-124.

- « Étienne Langton, commentateur des Sentences de Pierre Lombard », in Étienne Langton prédicateur, bibliste et théologien, Bataillon, L.-J., Bériou, N., Dahan, G., Quinto, R. (ed.), pp. 487-523.

Alexander BAUMGARTEN - University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

He has been studing Medieval Philosophy for about 17 years in Romania, during which time he has been in contact with the international community, having scholarships at the University of Geneva (with Alain de Libera) and at the Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris (invited by Alain Boureau). He teaches History of Medieval Philosophy at the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca and he is the author of 6 volumes of studies and medieval exegeses and is responsible for 13 volumes of translations of important medieval texts from Latin into Romanian. Through his pioneering research he is introducing medieval studies to Romania. Selected bibliography (publications other than in Romanian) 

Luciana CIOCA

She finished The Faculty of History and Philosophy at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca and continued with an MA degree in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. She is currently working in the CNCS Project Research Grant PN-II-ID6PCE-2012-4-0272, “Philosophy and Theology in Cistercian Commentaries on the Sentences. The Impact of the Cistercian Community on the University in Paris during the XIVth Century.” Her contribution to THESIS is the transcription of Johannes de Wasia’s Prologue of the Sentences Commentary.

Ioana CURUT 

She is a graduate of Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca with a master’s degree in Medieval Philosophy, after completing a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the same University. Currently, she is pursuing a BA degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies at University of Bucharest, in parallel with her PhD thesis on Viennese Sentences commentaries from the XVth century. Her main contribution to the THESIS project is the critical edition of Thomas of Ebendorfer’s Prologue to his Commentary on the Sentences. She has published the first Romanian translation of Liber de pomo and is contributing to the complete Romanian translation of Thomas Aquinas’s Summa theologica (IIa IIae, qq. 5-8), ed. Alexander Baumgarten, Polirom, Iaşi, 2016, forthcoming. She is also working in the CNCS Project Research Grant PN-II-ID6PCE-2012-4-0272, “Philosophy and Theology in Cistercian Commentaries on the Sentences. The Impact of the Cistercian Community on the University in Paris during the XIVth Century.” Selected bibliography:

- Pseudo-Aristotle, Liber de pomo et morte (Cartea despre măr şi moarte), Romanian translation, notes and introductory study by Ioana Curuţ, Ratio et Revelatio, Oradea, 2016, 150 p. (publication of MA thesis)

- « Transferul terminologic: chora – hyle – silva – Silva/Yle », in Apostrof, XXIV, 8 (279), 2013, pp. 28-29.

William DUBA

He teaches a class, « Du manuscrit à l’édition critique : histoire de la transmission de la pensée philosophique du Moyen-Age », at the University of Fribourg and he is an international specialist in the field of the Sentences commentaries from the beginning of the fourteenth century. His research focuses specifically on the problem of the beatific vision. He has completed pioneering research about the manuscripts and the marginalias found in the Sentences. He is also a webmaster for a site dedicated to publishing the bibliography and philosophical writings of Peter of Candia (Pope Alexander V) and most notably his Commentary on the Sentences : He is also co-editor of Quodlibase, a database (EHESS-Paris) of theological quodlibeta (1250-1350). Selected bibliography:

- « Aristotle, Averroes and Peter Auriol’s commentary on the Sentences », in Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale 12 (2001), pp. 549-572.

- The Beatific Vision in the Sentences Commenrary of Geraldus Odonis, in Vivarium 47/ 2-3 (2009) pp. 348-363.

- With Tiziana Suarez-Nani, E. Babey and Girard Etzkorn, Francisci de Marchia Quaestiones in secundum librum Sententiarum (Reportatio), Leuven University Press, vol. 1, 2008; vol. 2, 2010; vol. 3.


Doctor in Medieval Philosophy at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Paris, 2015), her work focuses on medieval psychology of cognition, the history of sciences in the Middle Ages and topics related to epistemology in the XIVth century. Her main contributions to the THESIS project include (in addition to collection the biographical references for the corpus): the preparation of a critical edition of Andreas de Novocastro's Prologue to his Commentary on the Sentences, A Romanian translationof this prologue and an extendes Index of the authors who commented on the Senteces in European universities during the XIVth and the XVth century. She is also trained as a Clinical Psychologist at Paris 7 Denis Diderot University and has a Professional MAsters degree in Clinical Psychology (M2Pro) and a Research Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Medicine. Selected bibliography:

- Mathaeus de Aquasparta, Întrebări despre cunoaştere, Ediţie îngrijită, Postfaţă şi Bibliografie de Ana Irimescu, Ed. Polirom, Iasi, 2010. (Romanian Translation with an Introductory Note and Bibliography of Matthew of Aquasparta's treatise Questiones decem de cognitione).

-« Rôle de l’espèce et immédiateté dans la connaissance intellectuelle  du singulier chez Matthieu d’Aquasparta », in Chora. Revue d’études anciennes et médiévales 7-8 (2009/2010), p. 175-210.

-« La connaissance  intuitive  de  soi  chez  Matthieu  d’Aquasparta », in Coexistence and cooperation in the middle ages. IV European Congress of medieval studies F.I.D.E.M. (Palermo, 23-27 june 2009), Officina di Studi Medievali, Palermo, 2014, p.  717-732.

Mihai MAGA - University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

He teaches Medieval Philosophy at the University Babes-Bolyai from Cluj-Napoca and he is a member of the editorial board (secretary) for the international journal Chora – Revue d'études anciennes et médiévales (Paris-Cluj-Bucharest-Iasi) and co-editor of the Journal Schole from the University of Cluj (Romania). In parallel with his studies in Medieval Philosophy he works on how to invent a precise methodology in the process of electronically editing medieval texts in connection with the established standards of traditional printed editions. Selected bibliography (publications other than in Romanian).

Andrei Paul MARINCA

He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philosophy at Babeș-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca) and received a master’s degree in Medieval Philosophy from the same University. While pursuing his PhD degree at Cluj University, he is also studying Arabic and Islamic culture at the University of Bucharest (BA). His contribution to THESIS is the critical edition of the Prologue of Jean Regis’ Sentences Commentary. He is also working in the CNCS Project Research Grant PN-II-ID6PCE-2012-4-0272, “Philosophy and Theology in Cistercian Commentaries on the Sentences. The Impact of the Cistercian Community on the University in Paris during the XIVth Century.” Selected bibluigraphy:

« Jacobus von Eltville », in Biographia Cisterciensis (Cistercian Biography), Version vom .10.2104,URL:

 « The Concept of Truth at Anselm of Canterbury », in Anselm de Canterbury, De veritate/Despre adevăr, bilingual edition, translation by Cristian Bejan, notes and introductory study by Andrei Marinca, Ratio et Revelatio, Oradea, 2015.

translation: Toma din Aquino, Summa Theologica, IIa IIae, qq. 9-10, in Toma din Aquino, Summa Theologica, IIa IIae, (coord.) Alexander Baumgarten, Polirom, Iaşi,  2016, forthcoming.

Chris SCHABEL - IRHT-University of Chyprus

He is Associate Professor of Medieval History and the chair of the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Cyprus and one of the first-class experts on the Sentences commentaries from 1300-1350. During the last 15 years of his research he expanded the frontiers of our knowledge on this field by exploring and editing an important number of neglected commentaries on the Sentences from the fourteenth century. A member of the Cyprus Fulbright Commission, he is also member of the bureau of the SIEPM and a member of the editorial board of some of the most important reviews in our field. Selected bibliography:

- Theology at Paris, 1316-1345: Peter Auriol and the Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents, Aldershot-Burlington-Sydney-Singapore: Ashgate, 2000, xii + 368 pp.

- « Peter Aureol on Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents: Scriptum in Primum Librum Sententiarum, distinctions 38-39 », in Cahiers de l'Institute du moyen-âge grec et latin 65 (1995), pp. 63-212.

- With Paul J.J.M. Bakker, « Sentences Commentaries of the Later Fourteenth Century », in G.R. Evans, ed., Mediaeval Commentaries on the 'Sentences' of Peter Lombard I, Leiden/Boston/Köln,  Brill, 2002, pp. 425-464.

- « Note: A 'New' Manuscript of a Commentary on the Sentences Found in Latvia », in Bulletin de philosophie médiévale 45 (2003), pp. 217-219.

- « The Sentences Commentary of Paul of Perugia, O.Carm. With an Edition of His Question on Divine Foreknowledge », in Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie médiévales 72/1 (2005), pp. 54-112.

- « Reason and Revelation in the Sentences of Peter Lombard and the Commentary Tradition », in Pietro Lombardo. Atti del XLIII Convegno storico internazionale, Todi, 8-10 ottobre 2006, Spoleto: Centro italiano di studi sull'alto medioevo, 2007, pp. 433-457.

John SLOTEMAKER - Fairfield University, USA

He is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Fairfield University. His research is focused on the development of trinitarian theology in the late medieval and early modern period. He has published studies on both medieval and early modern theology. He has recently completed (in press) a Companion to the Theology of John Mair, co-edited with Jeffrey C. Witt.  He is also currently writing a book (with Jeffrey C. Witt) on the Dominican theologian Robert Holcot and is editing Pierre d'Ailly's Questiones super primum librum Sententiarum (with Monica Brinzei and Chris Schabel). 

Selected publications:

-"Robert Holcot the Homilist: A Sermon Index for Cambridge, Peterhouse 210," Archa Verbi, forthcoming.

-“Henry of Gorkum’s Conclusiones super IV Libros Sententiarum: Studying the Lombard in the First Decades of the Fifteenth Century,” in Mediaeval Commentaries on the Sentences of Peter Lombard: Volume III, ed. Philipp Rosemann (Brill, 2015), pp. 145-173.

-“John Major’s (Mair) Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard: Scholastic Philosophy and Theology in the Early Sixteenth Century” with Severin V. Kitanov and Jeffrey C. Witt, in Mediaeval Commentaries on the Sentences of Peter Lombard: Volume III, ed. Philipp Rosemann (Brill, 2015), pp. 369-415.

-“John Duns Scotus and Henry Harclay on the Non-necessity of Opposed Relations,” The Thomist 77 (2013), pp. 419-451.

Ueli ZAHND- University of Basel

He is Assistant Professor of the History of Medieval Philosophy at the University of Basel. He has specialized in the transitional period of the 15th and 16th centuries and has a particular interest in book IV of Lombard’s Sentences. His current research focuses on the reception of medieval philosophy and theology (with, among others, the Lombard’s Sentences) in early modern reformed scholasticism.

Selected publications:

- “Easy-Going Scholars Lecturing Secundum Alium? Notes on Some French Franciscan Sentences Commentaries of the Fifteenth Century,” in Philipp Rosemann, ed., Medieval Commentaries on the ‘Sentences’ of Peter Lombard III, Leiden: Brill, 2015, pp. 267-314.

- Wirksame Zeichen? Sakramentenlehre und Semiotik in der Scholastik des ausgehenden Mittelalters (Spätmittelalter – Humanismus – Reformation, 80), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014, xviii + 642 pp.

- “Zwischen Verteidigung, Vermittlung und Adaption. Sentenzenkommentare des ausgehenden Mittelalters und die Frage nach der Wirksamkeit der Sakramente,” in Balázs Nemes and Achim Rabus, eds., Vermitteln – Übersetzen – Begegnen. Transferphänomene im europäischen Mittelalter und der Frühen Neuzeit, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 33-86.

ERC-THESIS Project news

Fourth Annual THESIS Meeting for Reading Medieval Manuscripts, Cape Greco, Cyprus, 23-30 october 2017 [program]

-THESIS will held 2 sessions at  XIV International Congress of the SIEPM: Homo-Natura-Mundus: Human Beings and their Relationships, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 24-28 July 2017

-During the XIV International Congress of the SIEPM: THESIS will launch the new publication of the collection Studia Sententiarum :

-ERC accepted the request of an extension of 10 months for THESIS project

Third Annual THESIS Meeting for Reading Medieval Manuscripts, Coral Bay 19-26 November 2016

Linked Data and the Medieval Scholastic Tradition

International Workshop, Basel, August 17-19, 2016

See program: Linked Data and the Medieval Scholastic Tradition

THESIS project participated to the International Conference Habit in Medieval Philosophy, Paris, October 14-16, 2015 

See program:

Les principia sur les commentaire des Sentences : entre exercice institutionnel et réalité intellectuelle

23, 24 mars 2015; IRHT : Centre Félix-Grat


Organized by: Monica Brinzei (ERC-IRHT, Paris)

William O. Duba (Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen)

The most substantial requirement to become a master of theology at the medieval university was to have lectured on the Sentences of Peter Lombard. This course included inaugural lectures -- principia -- at the beginning of each of the four books. Yet these principia remain largely unknown. The goal of this workshop is to establish the scholarly understanding of principia, and through it, to better grasp the organization of medieval theological teaching through case studies. By clarifying the circumstances and content of this obligatory step in the careers of the sententiarii, this workshop intends to achieve a picture of the key characteristics of this exercise, the structure and style of principia, the principal actors and authors, and the doctrinal problems discussed in these debates and sermons, as well the relationship between an author's principia and his Sentences  commentary.

 Principia ou les leçons inaugurales qui précèdent la lecture des Sentences à la Faculté de Théologie demeurent encore un témoin inconnu de cette pratique universitaire. Le but de cet workshop est de mieux comprendre l'organisation de l'enseignement théologique médiéval à travers des études de cas des principia. L'intérêt est d'éclairer cette épreuve obligatoire imposée aux sententiarii en investiguant quelles sont les caractéristiques de cet exercice, quel est la structure et le style desprincipia, qui sont les acteurs principaux de ces débats universitaires et qui sont les auteurs qui nous ont laissé des principia, quelles sont les problèmes doctrinales abordés dans ces débats, quel est le rapport entre les principia et le commentaire desSentences d'un même auteur. 

Contact: Monica BRINZEI,


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